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Bookkeeping Without Writing: Early administrative technologies in context - 05-06/02/2021, (Online)

This conference brings together varied specialists to explore how non-literate systems of information storage were used in the Near East from the late Neolithic, and why they persisted into the first millennium BC

FECHA/ DATE/DATA: 05-06/02/2021



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Participants and papers

Convenor: Dr. Lucy E. Bennison-Chapman, NINO Postdoctoral Fellow

Name and affiliation (alphabetical)Paper title (or topic)

Prof. Peter Akkermans Leiden UniversityDating the Sealing: Revisiting Tell Sabi Abyad and the Case for Property Control in Late Neolithic Upper Mesopotamia

Prof. Douglas Baird, University of Liverpool(Chair)

Dr. Lucy Bennison-Chapman (organiser), NINO, Leiden UniversityThe Origins of Non-Written Administrative Technologies in the Near East: The example of late Neolithic Tell Sabi Abyad

Prof. Stuart Campbell, University of ManchesterAccount for Change? Symbols and information management in the later prehistory of northern Mesopotamia

Dr. Ben Haring,Leiden UniversityScribal and Non-scribal Modes of Visual Communication in Egypt (Deir el Medina)

Dr. John MacGinnis, British Museum & University of CambridgeToken Accounting in the Assyrian Empire

Manuel Medrano, University of St AndrewsCords in Court: The paper khipus of early colonial Andean legal proceedings

Prof. Steven Mithen, University of Reading Symbolic Thought, Cognition, Prehistoric Mind: The relationships between words, thought and cultural evolution

Prof. J. Cameron Monroe, University of California, Santa Cruz The Dahomean Royal Palace Sphere: Administrative Tactics in a West African State of the Atlantic Era

Dr. Tanja Skambraks, University of MannheimTally Sticks in Medieval Europe

Dr. Christina Tsouparopoulou, University of CambridgeSeals, bullae and other graphic devices used in late third millennium Mesopotamian administration

Dr. Willemijn Waal, NINO, Leiden University The Role of Bullae within the Hittite Administration Revisited

Prof. Christopher Woods, University of Chicago (4MBC bullae, tokens and writing)

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