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CALL 05.03.2021:[PANEL 13] Space in the Ancient House (2022 AIA/SCS) - San Francisco (CA, USA)





ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Rhiannon Pare (Princeton University); Katy Knortz (Princeto University).



The house served many functions in the various cultures that surrounded or interacted with the ancient Mediterranean; providing an intimate setting for social relationships, cultural events, economic transactions, political endeavors, and religious rites to both its inhabitants and its visitors. In this way, the ancient home could act as a microcosm of ancient life. Studies on domestic architecture have looked at these social, cultural, and architectural contexts from various perspectives. Crucial to all of these is space; whether physical or perceived, constructed or depicted, open or controlled. Questions of space in ancient houses have traditionally fallen into dichotomies; public or private, male or female, inside or outside, and scholarship has focused on examining space for indicators of such strict delineations. New scholarship is pushing against predetermined notions of disciplinarity and modifying traditional approaches to the domestic sphere. In this vein, the aim of this panel is to consider the ways in which space manifests or is manifested, articulates or is articulated, depicts or is depicted in the built environment of the ancient house in the Mediterranean and the surrounding territories. Points of inquiry could touch upon:

  • Ancient homes as political, religious, social, or cultural spaces

  • Non-traditional examinations of space or movement in architectural planning

  • New methodologies or approaches to traditional questions

  • Interdisciplinary approaches to space in ancient homes

  • The material culture of the ancient home (i.e. evaluating assemblages as a way to recontextualize space within the home or space in artistic decoration)

  • Articulation of space within the ancient home based upon gender, status, or social relations

  • Repopulating the space of the ancient home (floral, faunal, human)

  • Manipulation of space to demonstrate control or social hierarchy

  • Use or reuse of space

  • Experience of space within the home

  • Domestic space as represented in literature

We therefore invite papers of 15-20 minutes that explore the complex aspects of space within the ancient home from a variety of perspectives – archaeological, art historical, bioarcheological, historical, philological, architectural, and anthropological – from throughout the broader ancient Mediterranean world in order to better our collective understanding of the role space plays in the larger social, political, and religious mechanisms in the domestic sphere.

Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be submitted as a pdf email attachment to or by Monday, March 5th, 2021. The subject line of your email should read “AIA 2022: Space in the Ancient House.” The text of your abstract should follow AIA guidelines, found at the hyperlink below. Please note that authors submitting abstracts must be AIA or SCS members in good standing and will need to register for the 2022 meeting. Selected speakers will be notified by March 12th and are expected to accept the invitation by March 19th.

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