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Modern Economics and the Ancient World: Were the Ancients Rational Actors?-29-30-31/07/2021,(Online)


Were the ancients rational actors? Is the rational-actor model a suitable tool to analyze their behavior? We want to answer the question in different ways. One way would be to ask the ancient texts directly. Another could be to use the rational-actor model to analyze the behavior of the ancients (in the economy, politics, or any other area of social life) and see whether the results are plausible. In our conference, we explore the chances and limits of these approaches. The underlying question in each section is the extent of rational activity and actions that can be discovered by various methods of analyzing ancient societies

FECHA / DATE/DATA : 29-30-31/07/2021


ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Prof. Dr. Sven Günther, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (China); Dr. Roland Oetjen, University of Rostock (Germany)

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