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Thucydides in the ‘Age of Extremes’ and Beyond. Academia and Politics - 30/10/2020, (Online)

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Ivan Matijašić (Newcastle University) - Luca Iori (University of Parma): Opening remarks

Session 1: Twentieth-Century Readings

Timothy Rood (Oxford University): Thucydides’ Archaeology in the Early 20th Century

Francis Larran (ANHIMA, Paris): The Greatest Military Disaster in Western History? The Reception of the Sicilian Expedition in the 20th century

Session 2: Thucydides and Anglophone Scholarship

Benjamin Earley (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem): The Pacifist Thucydides: Gilbert Murray, T.R. Glover, Charles Cochrane

Ivan Matijašić (Newcastle University): John Enoch Powell’s ‘The War and Its Aftermath in Their Influence upon Thucydidean Studies’ (1936)

Session 3: Thucydides and Fascist Italy

Dino Piovan (University of Verona): Reading Thucydides in Early 20th-Century Italy

Luca Iori (University of Parma): Classics against the Regime. Thucydides, Piero Gobetti and Fascist Italy

Session 4: Thucydides and International Relations

Hans Kopp (Ruhr-Universität Bochum): ‘Required Reading in the Schools of All Small Nations’: Thucydidean ‘Lessons’ for International Politics in the 1930s and 1940s

Elizabeth Sawyer (Oxford University): The Undercover Utopian. The Reception History of Sir Alfred Zimmern's Translation of the Funeral Oration

Session 5: Comparative Approaches and Theoretical Models

Kunika Kakuta (King’s College London): The Empire of Rising Sun and the Empire of Owl: the Comparative Approach to Seapower as Cultural Identity in Imperial Japan and Classical Athens

Manuela Dal Borgo (Cambridge University): Thucydides and Game Theory

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